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Symbol of a renaissance
Overlooking the resplendent Bay of Baku, along the western shore of the Caspian Sea, Bayil Bay will be the signature structure amid a sweeping green belt of parks and gardens that has blossomed along the shoreline. Lovely view of the Caspian Sea and on the horizon, which opens from beautiful terrace of the house, gives people pleasure and comfort. Combining German technology and Italian design, sliding balcony doors ApexFine due to their slim profile eases the observation of the city view. Considering the peculiar climate of Baku, high quality materials were used in the construction of the house. Particularly these materials being in contact with air, marine and natural light impart freshness and cleanliness to the appearance of the building. Most of the apartments are end-to-end, with the output on the coastal zone, as well as a view of the Flame Towers building.